The employee is the heart of the safety program

Experience the Difference

Empowering our employees to work safely and to monitor and prevent hazards in their work environment

Fred Weber believes the employee is the heart of the safety program. All employees are empowered to stop work any time they feel endangered or see that another employee is endangered.

When hazards are observed, employees are required to correct those hazards or control them so no other employee shall be injured. Training is provided to ensure all employees have the necessary skills to recognize hazards and the ability to address those hazards.

Safety Representative Program

Fred Weber Safety Representatives are the on­site eyes, ears, and compliance assistance arm of the Safety Department. Safety Representatives (SRs), working with project supervision, will provide real time safety intervention of unsafe job practices and conditions that could lead to an injury, illness or property damage. SRs will reward employees for performing their duties in a manner that demonstrates Fred Weber’s commitment to safety that goes above and beyond minimum compliance. As a group, the SRs will make up the Fred Weber Safety Committee.

Near Miss Program

Fred Weber believes in advancing safety by learning from our experiences. One of the most beneficial tools is the Near Miss reporting procedure whereby hazardous conditions or incidents that did not result in damage or injury, but potentially could have, should be reported allowing the incident to be investigated and corrective actions taken before any further incidents occur. To encourage the use of the Near Miss program, all employees that submit a qualified near miss report will be entered into the near miss competition. Quarterly, the safety representatives (SRs) will review all qualified near miss reports submitted during the quarter to determine which near miss report provided the most benefit to making Fred Weber a safer place to work. The employee that submitted the winning report will receive a $200 gift certificate. Annually, the safety representatives (SRs) will choose the report that provided the most benefit from the four quarterly winners for a $1000 gift certificate.