A special trap rock blend proven to extend the surface life of floors

Experience the Difference

Materials sourced straight from the heart of Missouri’s lead belt

Fred Weber makes industrial-grade concrete floor hardeners that are well-equipped for heavy-duty construction projects. We go straight to a mine that’s been in continuous operation for over two centuries and use that trap rock as the main component of our industrial-grade mixture.

Our materials are placed on the fresh concrete surface to create the chemical reaction necessary for a harder, denser surface that adds a significant increase to the life of the surface.

Simply feed our mixture into your machine for bridging fresh concrete ahead of finishers. Gravity does the rest for an even, uniform distribution. In smaller applications, it can be spread by shovel or hand onto any fresh surface and finished.

Not only will your floors last longer, our mixture is made to create high-wear surfaces while enhancing light distribution throughout your buildings. Our products offer significant savings compared to other dry and liquid products currently on the market.

Our Concrete Floor Hardener is available in 80 lb. Portland Blend bags.

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