Take safety by the wheel with high-friction surface treatment

Experience the Difference

HFST Aggregate: A product proven to save lives

So much rides on a road’s surface friction: namely, the lives of drivers using them.

Thousands of fatalities occur every year due to prematurely polished roads that lack the grip needed to reduce accidents.

Fred Weber’s high-friction surface treatment uses aggregate sourced right from our mine in America’s heartland and is dried and sized for vastly superior results.

Our long-lasting, anti-skid aggregate goes directly on top of the asphalt covering on-ramps, high-volume intersections, and horizontal curves where accidents are most likely to happen – and will reduce accidents dramatically.

With distribution centers located in the middle of America, Fred Weber can deliver bags by the bulk load to roads that need it the fastest – saving significant money and lives in the process.

Our Anti-Skid Surfacing Benefits

  • Customizable to state and local safety requirements
  • Aggregate available in 3,000 lb. bags
  • Distinct in color
  • Competitive pricing available
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